Is there anything to celebrate? There is!

Today is the Day of the Constitution. The Fundamental Law under which live all the developed countries. The Constitution of Ukraine is one of the best in Europe. But not all of us read the main rules according to which we live. So, our Constitution guarantees us:

Article 3. A person his or her life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security are recognized in Ukraine as the highest social value.

Article 13. Land, its mineral wealth, atmosphere, water and other natural resources that are located within the territory of Ukraine, the natural resources of its continental shelf, the exclusive (maritime) economic zone is the Ukrainian people property.

Article 15. Censorship is prohibited.

Article 24. There cannot be any privileges or restrictions based on race, color, political, religious and other convictions, gender, ethnic or social origin, property status, place of residence, linguistic or other characteristics.

Article 34. The right to freedom of thought and speech, free expression of views and beliefs is guaranteed to everyone. Everyone has the right to freely collect, store, use and distribute information by oral, written or by some other means.

Article 42. Entrepreneurial activity of deputies, officers and employees of the state and local governments is limited by law.

Article 43. The State creates conditions for the full implementation of citizens’ right to labor, guarantees equal opportunities in the choice of profession and types of labor activity, implements programs of vocational education, training and retraining of personnel according to the needs of society. Protection from the unlawful dismissal is guaranteed to citizens.

Article 47. Citizens who are in need of social protection the housing is provided by the state and local governments free of charge or for a price affordable for them according to the law.

Article 48. Everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing.

Article 49. Everyone has the right for health protection, medical care and medical insurance. The State creates conditions for effective and accessible to all citizens health care. State and communal health protection institutions provide the medical care free of charge; existing network of such institutions cannot be reduced. The State promotes the development of medical institutions of all forms of ownership.

Article 57. Everyone is guaranteed by the right to know their rights and responsibilities. Laws and other normative legal acts that determine the rights and duties of citizens must be reported to the public in the manner prescribed by law.

We need to know this! We should take advantage of this! And there is something to celebrate! Congratulations, on the Constitution Day!

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