Is the Uzh “spoiled” again? A strange spot floats to Slovakia (PHOTOS)

Today, a strange, seemingly oil spot floats on the Uzh. Uzhgorod residents first noticed a quite significant pollution around lunchtime.

The spot, which glows with "rainbow" similarly to oil leaks, floated under the pedestrian bridge. received a picture of it from a reader.

The State Emergencies Service Office in Transcarpathian region reported that special service had been sent to investigate the incident.

We remind that strange spots have already been recorded on the Uzh within the city limits. Although, the mayor’s office denied the fact of leaks, but photographs with proofs are here.

And below is the fresh spot under the pedestrian bridge.


And it has been reported that the oil leak occurred near the "Spartak" statdium, at the so called Radvanka bridge.

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