Irshava police, social activists and journalists: the results of joint patrols (PHOTOS)

For several days now, strengthened police patrols, including officers of Irshava district police station and members of the public, have been engaged in Irshava district. In order citizens to understand the work of the patrols, the police and activists invited local journalists to one of such patrollings.

Before starting patrolling, the police officers and community activists were lined up in the courtyard of the police station. Community activists immidiately tied ribbons with the symbols of the state one their sleeves. In addition, the traffic police crew was involved.

After the briefing, where police officers, activists and journalists were instructed to ensure legality, treat citizens courteously, take personal safety measures while on duty, they reported on the operational situation in the region.

With the assistance of community activists, during night patrolling, they caught 4 persons who were penalized. Community activists actively participated in the apprehension of offenders, including the representative of the district government, a man who ignoring all traffic rules rode through the streets of the city, and two drivers who were driving while being intoxicated.

The chief of Irshava district police station Mykola Kurytsya, said: "Citizens should be understanding, if such patrols stop them, because they [patrols] are organized to prevent possible conflicts and offenses caused by them."








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