Investor will come to Uzhgorod ‘Vodokanal’

The consideration of the draft № 588 ‘On giving consent to conclusion of the contract on joint activity (‘Vodokanal Uzhgorod’) has caused the greatest disputes during a session of Uzhgorod City Council today, July 20. Even before the meeting a lot of the deputies, averse to Victor Pogorelov, said that they categorically refuse to vote in favor of this project, accusing the city head that he wants to pass Vodokanal to Kiev concern ‘Utilities System of Ukraine’.

During the consideration of the issue Victor Pogorelov explained that they were looking for Vodokanal investor already for a year and a half, because the situation is very difficult nowadays, the company owes 22 million. ‘We want to create a joint venture. It means property remains to public utilities, and the investor will solve all the financial problems. Now he offers to invest in the company 29 million hryvnia and promises that already in 10 months Uzhgorod will receive round the clock water supply’ – said the mayor. – Now we need only the decision on granting consent for the formation of such an enterprise, it is this decision will be discussed in September, when the concern’s members will come to Uzhgorod and present their program in the assembly hall’.

However, this has not affected the opinion of 24 deputies who tried to convey the idea that such a decision should be put to Public discussion, because the arrival of the investor can lead to higher water rates for Uzhgorod citizens.

Nevertheless, 31 deputies voted in favor of this decision. Therefore, the first step in the transfer of ‘Vodokanal Uzhgorod’ to Kyiv investor was agreed.

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