Interim UzhNU rector will send teachers on leave

The Uzhgorod National University cannot fully pay salaries for May and do not have means to pay for June and vacation and recreation. This was announced by the interim rector Vitalii Nikolaichuk at the University Academic Council meeting yesterday, May 29.

According to his words, the university does not have means for the immediate payment of 12 million hryvnia.

Nikolaichuk suggested to avoid paying allowances and premiums till August, and to send teachers on vacation earlier.  

However, the former Vice Rector Alexander Slivka, who was the rector interim before Nikolaichuk’s appointment by the Ministry on the staff decision, said in his speech that the university has no debts and needs only 12 million hryvnia. Four million are supposed to be given by the Ministry for utilities, 8 million, which are partly conducted on the scholarship indexation were not given for salary increase. The university received 1.5 million on the scholarship indexation instead of 12 million.

Later, in the future, Nikolaichuk promised the staff to abruptly increase staff potential investment. Because, according to his words, the Uzhgorod National University has the lowest salary among the universities of Ukraine. Also, the current interim rector pledged that every publication in the foreign journals, thesis etc are encourage. He promised deans 20% promotion for sponsors attracting on the department’s development. The idea to transform institution’s department, that the deans would be the institution’s heads was sounded at the Academic Council meeting. The head of the Regional Council Ivan Baloga was present at the Academic Council. He said that this is only flirting with teachers.

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