Information about the sale of supermarket chain is absolutely false

Distributed by some media information about the alleged sale of supermarket chain is completely false and based solely on hearsay that journalists somehow tried to pass off as a fact.
By the end of the first quarter of 2013 in the largest supermarket chain in Transcarpathia "Barva" there will be qualitative changes associated primarily with higher level of customer service and management of the structure.
These changes are in no way connected with the change of the actual owner of the supermarket chain, its name, or the employment of thousands of workers.
"Since the opening of the first supermarket "Barva" enough time has passed. And for all the accumulated managerial and marketing experience, as well as the market situation, we feel the need for comprehensive changes that we are already implementing and plan to complete in the next few months," – said the representative of the operator of the chain "Transcarpathian food group" LLC Andriy Baloha.
According to him, in the near future the level of service and product control in "Barva" supermarkets, as well as quality of work with customers and services will increase.
"We expect that every supermarket would not only be a convenient place for family shopping, but also have a number of additional benefits, as implemented in modern trade networks. In particular, there will be pharmacy, bank office with the ability to perform various financial transactions – currency exchange, money transfer, payment for services, and more. It is also planned that every supermarket will have additional shopping space – the so-called "green zone" where fruits and vegetables will be sold, and a coffee house for a family holiday – told Andriy Baloha. – All changes are implemented primarily for current and potential clients as well as taking into account the interests of our employees. It is important for us that people feel comfortable with us to visit, buy and work."
As for the disseminated false information, the "Transcarpathian food group" LLC hope that this is an accidental misunderstanding and urge journalists not to get hung up on finding the "scandalous facts" and verify information relating to a large number of people.

Note: Chain of supermarkets "Barva" has 8 stores in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Tyachiv, Irshava, Vinogradiv, Khust, Svaliava and Beregovo. The first one was opened in the regional center in 2006.

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