Industrial production of “Shayanska” mineral water may be suspended

If the commercial production of Shayan mineral water is not stopped now, then in 50-60 years Khust may be left without mineral waters. The famous resort Shayan is especially endangered.

Extraction of water there was launched in 1962. Over the years, its debit in Shayan mineral deposits decreased from 251 to 165 cubic meters – that is, by one and a half times, the head of the economy department of Khust District State Administration Volodymyr Lendyel explains the situation.

The official gives the example of Svalyava where the spring with mineral water was closed not so long ago. Accordingly, the nearby areas lost many tourists, and their recreational feature. All this happened because the water had been pumped from the well with frantic pace for sales in stores. 

In Khust district there are five licensees that use mineral and thermal water, 7 companies and one individual are engaged in bottling of mineral water. They were obliged to spend part of the profits on research and development of the wells. It is necessary to know what state the spring is in, to assess the chemical properties, its stock.Also wells owners are prohibited to sell water outside the district – for the needs of other resorts (before that they had been selling mineral water to sanatoriums in Beregovo and Svalyava districts). It is much more profitable to invest in the construction of a new resort, and not just pump the water from the ground. It is much more profitable both from financial, and from social point of view.

 Also the official advises to prohibit any sale of mineral water in the shops, and sell it only in pharmacies. Because uncontrolled drinking of mineral water can only hurt one’s health. Also he daid that water from Karlovi Vary is impossible to be found in a supermarket in plastic bottles, as Europeans know the value of their mineral springs, and therefore have a 100, 200 year history of sanatoriums. 

By Novyny Zakarpattya

Author Khrystyna Horvath

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