Incident at the border: a Russian hid a firearm in a plastic toy (PHOTOS)

At the customs post "Luzhanka" of the Transcarpathian customs, inspectors together with officers of the Security Service of Ukraine Office in Transcarpathian region prevented an import of firearms into Ukraine.
Crossing the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, a Russian citizen claimed during customs control that he was not carrying any hidden items. However, customs officers and border guards checked the minibus. Their attention was drawn to bags with children’s toys and shoes. Customs officers say that the man had hidden there two CZ SCORPION EVO 3S1 9×21 submachine guns. One gun was inside a plastic toy, the other one was hidden among plush toys and shoes.
Law enforcement officers immediately detained the man according to Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. Investigators of the security service initiated criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 
Investigative actions are being carried out.

Transcarpathian customs of the State Customs Service


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