In Vynogradiv museum one may exhibit his own collection

A new project was launched in Vynogradiv District Historical Museum – "Mini-museum in the museum. Past – present." Now, you can exhibit your own collection in the museum.

The first exhibition has already solemnly opened. The visitors can see porcelain figurines, tableware, paintings, embroidery and books from a private collection of Elvira Hudak.

This social activist, a retired French language teacher is well known in our region as a tireless keeper of the artistic heritage of world renown artist Stepan (Istvan) Kutlan. By the way, Mrs. Elvira is a granddaughter of the artist and athlete, who was born and died in the village of Fanchykovo in Vynogradiv district. She also presented some of her grandfather’s works, that are kept in her home collection.


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