In Vynogradiv MOE officers rescued a horse that fell down a well

November 17 at 19:14 a resident of the Holmovets village reported to the fire and rescue squad of Vinogradiv that a horse had fallen into an unfinished well 4 m deep and 2.5 meters in diameter. 

Even before the arrival of rescuers the owners tried to free the horse from the trap using the ropes strapped around the body of the animal. When the attempts proved to be in vain, the owners called "101". 

MOE officers who arrived a few minutes after the call, decided to lift the horse using fire hoses and rescue rope. 

Through the joint efforts of rescue workers and local people the injured animal managed to get out of the well. Fortunately for the owners, the horse did not receive any serious injury – informed TD of MOE in Transcarpathian region.

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