In Vynogradiv district, a local hooligan was sentenced to imprisonment

Vynogradiv District Court convicted a local 34-year-old hooligan, who, on December 17, 2018, had damaged property in a shop in the village of Korolevo and beaten two visitors. This was reported press service of the prosecutor’s office in Transcarpathian region.

Thus, the prosecutor in the court session proved that the repeatedly convicted (for committing theft and hooliganism) man, during the period of probationary release from serving the punishment, had damaged the property in a local store.

 When the store visitor made a comment about his behavior, the suspect attacked and beat her and a man who tried to stop him.

Thus, the accused was found guilty of hooliganism committed by a person previously convicted of hooliganism (Part 3 of Article 299 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), as well as illegal keeping of narcotic substances that were found at his home during a search (Part 1 of Article 309 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ) and sentenced to two years and one month of imprisonment.

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