In Vynogadiv, the “Mini-museum in the Museum” project continues (PHOTOS)

In Vynogradiv History Museum, the third exhibition of the recently launched "Mini-museum in the Museum" project is exhibited. These days you can admire a private Easter-themed collection of Maya Wajda.

The woman was born in Zhytomyr, and moved to Transcarpathia in 1978. She began to systematically collect antiquities farely recently. She loves to embroider herself, many ethnic things she has received as a gift or bought them.      

The private collection includes Easter bunnies, eggs from around the world, bells.

The most valuable item of the private collection is her father’s shirt embroidered by her mother before marriage.  Mrs. Maya also embroidered shirts for her sons, the youngest one wore an embroidered shirt at the prom.

– It happened so – the collector concludes – that I love this land more than Zhytomyr.  My children and my grandson were born here, and my parents are buried here.  And I firmly believe that Ukraine is the jewel of Europe, Transcarpathia is the jewel of Ukraine, and our beautiful city Vynogradiv is the jewel of Transcarpathia!


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