In Volovets district, a gas pipeline was damaged during the repair of a road surface (PHOTOS)

Due to uncoordinated earthworks, residents of the villages of Huklyvy and Skotarske of Volovets district were left without gas supply. Workers of one of the companies damaged the medium pressure gas pipeline during repair works on the road. As a result, more than 700 consumers from both villages were left without gas.

In order to avoid accidents, any earthworks within the location of gas distribution networks must be coordinated with the company’s specialists.
“No one warned us about these works. This is a violation. As a result, the homes of 700 consumers were left without gas supply, and the Zakarpatgaz had to employ equipment and specialists from the adjacent districts of the region to carry out repair works. While they were supposed to carry out works under the investment program, we had to adjust the plans so that Transcarpathians would have gas in their appliances,” – Viktor Vodzinsky, the Chief Engineer of the Zakarpatgaz JSC explained.
The accident was remedied during the working day. Due to the depressurization of the gas pipeline, a gas leak occurred. The amount of damage exceeds UAH 60,000. They will be reimbursed by the persons that caused the accident.
Press service of the Zakarpatgaz JSC


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