In UzhNU students’ living allowance will be granted for “social activity”

From now on, in UzhNU not only the number of students eligible for living allowance will be reduced (by at least 10%), but also the procedure will be completely dependent on so-called living allowance commissions at the faculties and institutes of UzhNU, established by the rector Fedir Vashchuk.

So, from now on there will no longer be a clear and transparent formula for calculation of students’ "wages", instead it will be decided by individuals, loyal to the head of the university, based on the 11 criteria, which include, among other things, involvement in the public life.  It is clear that social activity directed against the current practices of the UzhNU management and the Party of Regions, which rector F.Vashchuk is a member of, will hardly facilitate in receiving a living allowance, while students’ complete loyalty to the management and to the ruling political force from now on will be having a direct positive effect on their material condition.

It is not difficult to assume that the management of living allowance granting procedure in such "manual" mode will be enhancing corruption.

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