In Uzhgorod wastes are removed not by special equipment, but by tractors and trucks (PHOTOS)

In the regional center garbage sites are overwhelmed with wastes so much that in order to remove them, they have to use trucks and excavators.
Today in Uzhgorod wastes from a garbage site on Hodynka st. were removed in just that way. 
Two trucks and an excavator came to "improve" the state of the site there. 
Tons of garbage around show that special truck has not come to remove containers for quite a long time. So the utility company obviously prefer to spend fuel for tractors rather than organize regular cleaning of garbage containers with a special equipment. 
The workers of the utility were very upset when a reporter photographed the garbage. 
One of the employees said that they were not to blame, because only 30% of residents of the buildings have signed contracts and pay for garbage removal.
By December 31 garbage disposal in Uzhgorod shall be carried out by the utility "KSHEP."
From January 1, these functions will be performed by the enterprise with foreign investment AVE, which is currently successfully operating in Mukachevo city, Mukachevo and Vynogradiv districts, and in the city of Lviv.


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