In Uzhgorod through mismanagement of public utilities hundreds of people were left without water (VIDEO)

Tonight in the "no man’s" boiler room on Polyova street in Uzhgorod, abandoned by the city authorities, the accident occurred. All night long a powerful jet of water was flowing from a large pipe. This was reported to Zakarpattya online by the readers.

Because of the accident, the houses located on the Lermontov street were left without water.

Uzhgorod water utility company in response to the calls of concerned citizens instead of arriving immediately to eliminate the accident, reported that they were yet deciding who would liquidate its consequences, and did not haste. Although the pipe burst yesterday at 22.50 and the accident could have been eliminated overnight without creating inconvenience to people, the problem has not yet been completely solved.

"This is a utility terrorism in this area – the residents say. – Once the basement door was stolen, then in the winter water pipes froze, then something else. Not to mention the landfill (for it cannot be called a container platform) at the door of the Housing Office number 4.

The building of the abandoned boiler room also turned into garbage site. The amateur video sent to the publication really astounds.


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