In Uzhgorod, thieves hunt for expensive bikes

The police advise citizens to watch their two-wheeled vehicles more carefully.

No matter how many times police officials emphasize that bikes, especially expensive models, can not be left unlocked on the streets and near houses, citizens are still careless. And thieves take advantage of that.

Thus, recently, three residents of the city lost their precious two-wheel "horses". A young engineer of one of the state enterprises left his bike "Ford" for 10,000 UAH near the main entrance to the plant, and went to work. When he returned, the bike was gone.

Another "Ford" worth 2,500 UAH was stolen at night from the entrance of a house, where it had been left by the owner. Incidentally, both thefts occurred in the same neighbourhood that suggests that they were committed by the same thief.

The third bike "Harkin" costing 1,500 UAH, was stolen by an unknown person near a house on Jambul street, where it had been left by an 8-year-old boy. 

The police are looking for the thieves and the stolen bikes.

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