In Uzhgorod they will tell about Solomonovo – a village located on the border of three countries

The village of Solomonovo in Uzhgorod district is located in the most western part of Ukraine on the border of three countries: Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine. In the press center "Transcarpathia" there will be the presentation of the book by Yosyp Kobal "Solomonovo – a village between the rivers" and the meeting with the head of the village Halyna Malynych.
Today, they consider changing the name of the village, which has already been changed over 20th century due to historical realities. 
Yosyp Kobal says: "The book will be interesting to Transcarpathians because the village has a very interesting and complex past." 
Turns out, in 14-15 centuries this settlement was one of the richest villages in Uzhansky comitat. You can learn about this and also why fish are depicted on the seal of Solomonovo, when, who and why changed its name for the first time, how the village lives today, by visiting the press conference.
The participants of the press conference:
Halyna Malynych – the Chairman of the Solomonovo village council;
Yosyp Kobal – historian, author of the book.
The press conference will be held:
Wednesday, December 19, at 11:00 am
at: Uzhgorod, Drugetiv str., 60

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