In Uzhgorod they finally started to repair the roads (PHOTOS)

In a few weeks they plan to complete patching repairs in Uzhgorod. This was reported by road services workers to the head of the region. On Thursday, April 18, Oleksandr Ledyda examined the progress of repair works on the bypass road from Uzhgorod to Perechyn.

They clean, treat with bitumen, and lay asphalt on the road Uzhgorod – Perechyn – Lviv.   The Head of the Road Service of the region Vasyl Markovich told about the "route" of repairs:

– These are road sections Mukachevo – Siltse – Khust – Tyachiv – Rakhiv, Mukachevo – Beregovo – Luzhanka. We also plan to repair approach roads to the borders and all district centers. If we receive the funds in time, we will try to repair also the road Nyzhni Vorota – Volovets – Mizhhirya and start working on the section Beregovo – Vilok – Dyakovo.

The Transcarpathian section of the highway Kyiv-Chop (except 2 km) has already been repaired. Also they are working on the local road network – Pidhorb – Chaslivtsy – Rativtsi – Syurte, also they plan to start work on the stretch Irshava – Zaluzhzhya. Overall, by Easter holidays they plan to renovate more than 600 km of regional roads. It takes at least 8 million hryvnias.


Today they finally started to repair the streets of the city. Works are currently being carried out at the entrance to Uzhgorod, on Gagarin street. Every day, under favorable weather conditions, they are going to patch 70-80 meters of the road:


Also they plan to perform overhaul on Kapushanska and Lehotsky streets.


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