In Uzhgorod, there will be the screening of the best short films from Kyiv International Festival (announcement)

At the end of May, the biggest short film festival in Ukraine – Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF) – finished in Kyiv. The widest panorama of short films (150 films from all over the world) and the most recent Ukrainian shorts were shown at the festival.

Traditionally, after the main events in Kyiv, the festival presents the best works in the cities of Ukraine, including Uzhgorod. Two blocks of movies will be shown in the puppet theater "Bavka": September 26 – winners according to the international jury and September 27 – the best movies in the opinion of critics and festival organizers.

This year’s winners of the main competition program are the following works: "The best film" of the KISFF 2014 is the short by Hungarian director Richka "Symphony number 42" – an animated surreal sketch of the world of animals, people, and their sudden interaction. "Symphony number 42" also won the Audience Award. The "Jury Award" went to the film by Josh Wedlake "The North Sea Riviera" – also an animation about symbols of the absurd reality we live in. Martin Tronkart won the "Best Director" award for his film "Poacheress" – a long narrative through a short film and original use of plastic bags. Two films "Springtime" directed by Erica Lou and "The Immaculates" by Ronnie Trokera received the Special Jury Prize.

The second block will consist of five films, including a Ukrainian one. Brilliant American comedy "Tete-a-tete" by Dustin Guy Def will tell the story of internal worlds of self-contained megacity inhabitants. Master of modern French short films Jean-Gabriel Periot will demonstrate his deep film "Night to day." Eight portraits. Eight dreams. Eight escapes. Danish tragicomedy "Ud, spring over, ind" tells the story of Rasmus, who comes to the family home to visit his father, with whom he had not spoken for months.    The talented British animator Eon Duffy will present his next festival hit "Lost scarf", and Ukrainian film "So ended the summer" by Marina Roshchin will be a home surprise for viewers.


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