In Uzhgorod there was the seminar for dermatologists of the region

At the meeting they discussed the latest alternative ways to treat itching. "The use of alternative therapies is an important aspect in modern dermatology.  Classical methods or those that we have had so far, unfortunately are medicated. This means either the effect on the central nervous system to block itching inside, or use of hormonal drugs with antipruritic effect, which nevertheless cause significant side effects in their long-term use", – said Yuri Andrashko, professor, the head of department of skin and venereal diseases of UzhNU, chief dermatovenereologist of the Transcarpathian region.
According to him, itching is often a chronic lifelong condition and the use of effective drugs, but with low-profile safety is not strategically feasible. Antiallergic drugs too often simply do not work.
At the seminar Transcarpathian physicians discussed modern treatment methods and familiarized themselves with the existing new technology, modern drugs used since the first days of life. 

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