In Uzhgorod there may be a new kindergarten. In the business incubator

At today’s extraordinary session, since the issue of designing and construction of the kindergarten in Bozdosh is suspended for legal reasons (the owner of the plot, which the city tried to dispose of for construction of the kindergarten and the school in Bozdosh, had won in court), the mayor suggested a new idea.

He proposes to allocate funds for insulation and furnishing of the business incubator on 8 Bereznya street. The purpose is to open there a kindergarten for about two hundred seats in September.

"Yes, there is a shortage of kindergartens in Uzhgorod. Building of a new one would cost 20-30 million. And converting of those buildings – about a million and a half. The relevance of the business incubator has virtually disappeared. That place should be used more effectively. We need to insulate the walls and arrange independent heating there", – Victor Pogorelov said to

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