In Uzhgorod, there is winner of the “Dump of the Year” contest! We know who to thank! (PHOTOS)

We have just come up with a contest for the most exemplary dump in the city, and we already have the site that deserves to be named "Dump of the Year" in advance.

This is the dump on Chelyuskintsi street, near the College of Culture and Arts. Actually, it applies not only to the site itself, but also to the whole area around. That’s the one where fires occur regularly… The sight probably needs no further comments.

Residents of the neighborhood should thank for this landscape not only to "AVE Uzhgorod" company (which admittedly take out the trash regularly), but also to these gentlemen, deputies of Uzhgorod City Council.

Taras Rumyantsev is a deputy for this district.

And Yuriy Oksyon is the director of the Housing Office that serves the neighborhood.


However, if you do not agree that this site should be the winner of the "Dump of the Year" contest and have other noteworthy examples (or there is a dumpsite in your neighborhood which can be called "exemplary" without irony) – we are waiting for information with photos, and the competition will continue. And now, let’s see the early winner in all its glory!


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