In Uzhgorod, the police are establishing the circumstances of the accident in which a child was killed

The tragedy resulting in the death of a child occurred yesterday about 13 o’clock on Uzhanska street in Uzhgorod.

In the afternoon, a doctor of the central city hospital reported to Uzhgorod city police department that a 30-year resident of the city had delivered to them a boy aged 7-8 years with no signs of life and with visible injuries typical for traffic accident.

According to the perpetrator of the tragedy, the accident occurred on Uzhanska street. Having hit the boy, the man put the child into his car and drove to the hospital. Unfortunately the child died from the injuries on the way.

The driver of the car was taken to the medical institution and tested for intoxication; the result of the test will be known later. This incident was registered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations, and a criminal proceeding has been initiated. The police are establishing all the circumstances of the tragedy – Diana Dorohiy, Uzhgorod City Police Department reported.

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