In Uzhgorod, the control over dog owners will be strengthened

Recently, the incidents of dogs attacking local residents, including children, while being walked by owners have become more common in Uzhgorod. Dog owners do not follow the rules of keeping animals, according to which they have to walk their dogs, especially fighting breeds, with a leash and muzzle. In this regard, the mayor’s office has received many oral and written complaints from citizens.

 "The executive committee of Uzhgorod city council appealed to Uzhgorod city police with a request to record cases where citizens walk dogs without leashes and muzzles, to strengthen supervision and to draw up reports on administrative offence in accordance with applicable law. Article 154 of the CAO "Violation of the rules for keeping dogs and cats" provides for responsibility for unscrupulous owners in the form of reprimand or a fine of one to three non-taxable minimums" – the manager of the executive committee Oleksandr Volosyansky informed.

The Executive Committee of the City Council appeals to Uzhgorod residents with a request to comply with the requirements of legislation. "Dogs, especially fighting breeds, should be walked only with a leash and a muzzle. Because it affects the lives and health of other people, and especially our children," – Oleksandr Volosyansky said. 

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