In Uzhgorod, schoolchildren and city mayor took part in the radio dictation of national unity (PHOTOS)

The pupils of Uzhgorod schools today took part in the radio dictation of national unity. In particular, at the TG Shevchenko Linguistic Gymnasium, 26 pupils took part in the marathon, mostly nine-grade students. In addition, several students of the 7th grade and two teachers took part in the radio dictation. The winners will be announced in December on the "Ukrainian Radio" and receive symbolic prizes – books.

By the way, today after the session of the City Council, journalists decided to test Uzhgorod city mayor Bohdan Andriyiv for knowledge of the Ukrainian language and asked him to write one sentence, everything was recorded on camera. As a result, the mayor did not make a single mistake.

Recall that today, on November 9, the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language, radio dictation of national unity was traditionally held in Ukraine. This is the 17th radio dictation, and this year it was held under the motto "We are many. We are different. But we have a common goal."


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