In Uzhgorod, scammers cheated a pensioner out of almost 180,000 UAH

The police are looking for two girls and a guy, who, under the pretext of participation in the promotion from a home appliances shopping center in Uzhgorod, cheated a 79-year-old pensioner out of almost 180,000 UAH.


On July 30, a local resident appealed to Uzhgorod police officers. The 79-year-old retiree said that she had been cheated.

Around 10 am, near the "Drunk" market, she met a young man and two girls. The boy told that the woman could win in a promotion being held by one of the local malls. He said that if she pays a certain amount, she would receive a discount card not only for that store, but also for pharmacies, other stores, etc. He said that they would return her money later, and it was just needed to open a card.

So the pensioner gave the scammers 5,000 UAH and 7,000 USD. Only later, she realized that she had been cheated.

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