In Uzhgorod, rescuer stopped a woman from jumping off the 4th floor

The incident occurred yesterday, March 25 at about 19:00 on Mukachivska street.

The instructor of the Emergency and Rescue Special Purpose Task Force, Captain of the Civil Protection Service, Maxim Boyko, going home from work, saw two people filming something with a phone.

Coming closer, he noticed a woman standing at the top of an unfinished four-story building and going to jump.

The rescuer reacted instantly: he ran to the staircase of the top floor, but the woman did not allow him to approach.

However, Maxim did not give up and began talking with the woman. He managed to find the right words, after which the woman let him come closer. But then she still decided to jump. But the man was alert and quickly grabbed woman before she could take the last step.

The suicidal woman is going to be examined by doctors.

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