In Uzhgorod, quarantine in schools will be extended for another week

This decision was adopted today, January 31, at the meeting of the antiepidemic commission in Uzhgorod City Council.

As was informed, the epidemic situation with flu and ARVI in Uzhgorod remains serious, the epidemic threshold is exceeded by 58.6% (815.3 per 100 thousand people). Doctors are observing further increase in morbidity among Uzhgorod residents. As for ARVIs, 1454 cases have been registered. The number of cases has increased by 40.2% (420 cases) compared to last week (1037).  Of those, 867 patients (59%) are children under 17 years, which is 248 more than that in the previous week (619). The increase is 40%. 38% of the patients are schoolchildren.

The incidence among the adult population of the city is 587 people, which is 40.4% (169 patients) more than that in the previous week (418 people). 101 patients (6.9% of all patients) were hospitalized, 81 of them (80.2%) are children. During the last three weeks of the epidemic season, 37 confirmed cases of seasonal A flu were diagnosed among Uzhgorod citizens, in particular one case of A + B flu.

In order to reduce the rate of morbidity, specialists recommend to extend quarantine in schools from Monday, February 4 until the epidemic situation in Uzhgorod is back to normal. It is recommended to introduce restrictive quarantine measures in preschools of the city. Managers of the respective enterprises and organizations should ensure compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements, in particular ventilation of premises, wet cleaning using disinfection products, which are permitted to be used in children’s, educational, residential premises, public transport vehicles. Also, they recommend to limit mass events for the period of the epidemic.

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