In Uzhgorod, people will gather at the “round table” to decide on the fate of the “Peremoha” park

Tomorrow, August 31, at 15.00, in the historical and cultural complex "Owl’s Nest" (Rakoczy st., 2), there will be a "round table" on the topic "Is it possible to restore the "Peremoha" Park?".

During the event, the participants will discuss the issues of restoring the green zone and the water body on the area of ​​8.5 hectares and restoring the lost status of the "Peremoha" Park.

The participants of the event are expected to give urban planners suggections on zoning of the park.

The event is organized by the Institute "Republic" and the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Uzhgorod City Council.

The event will take place:

in the city of Uzhgorod, Rakoczy st., 2 (complex "Owl’s Nest")

The beginning is at 15.00. The admission is free.

Contact person:

Mykola Yatskov , Regional Coordinator of the Institute "Republic" – 0958323247

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