In Uzhgorod, on Svoboda avenue, policemen rescued a pitbull with multiple knife wounds (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, at around 16:00, Uzhgorod patrol policemen received a report about a dog with knife wounds on Svoboda avenue, the patrol police of Transcarpathian region informed.

Arriving at the scene, the policemen found a pitbull with numerous injuries. The policemen immediately provided the dog first aid to stop the bleeding.

Later, the owner of the dog came at the scene. The man reported that the dog had accidentally fled from him shortly before the incident. The man did not know how the animal had gotten injured.

Through the "Barbos" organisation, the inspectors found a veterinarian to provide qualified health care.

The dog and the owner were taken to the veterinary clinic, and the investigators were called at the scene. They will find out the circumstances of the case.

One of the residents of the neighbourhood said that the owner of the pitbull often lets the dog walk without supervision, which is what happened that time. They say that the pitbull was either barking at or trying to attack another dog that was being walked by a man. Then, the man just took out a knife and stabbed the pitbull. Now law enforcers have to find out why the fighting dog was walking by itself and why another dog owner was walking around the neighbourhood with a knife.

According to the latest, unofficial, information, the pitbull was saved.


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