In Uzhgorod nearly 400 people went on march

The parade of brass bands was held in Uzhgorod. This tradition in independent Ukraine is more than fifteen years old. However, old timers remember that such parades were held in Transcarpathia back in 1940s.
The teacher of the Music School of Mukachevo Mr. Oleksandr Virzbytski has been playing music for 34 years now. As a professional saxophone player he participates in parades every year. From his experience he says, it is difficult to play an instrument while keeping the beat with other participants. One must walk and blow, the musician explaines. In addition, during the walk, a musical instrument vibrates, and this affects the sound quality.
Young saxophonist Petro Baloh has been playing music for only four years. To participate in the parade he specifically trained his breathing. And also practiced left foot marching, which is also a prerequisite for the parade.
Marching parades in Uzhgorod is an old tradition. Since the post-war years, professional musicians have been playing outdoors and amused the audience. A lot of locals came to see this year’s brass bands parade in the center of Uzhgorod. Older people remember: there used much more brass bands in the past, and therefore those events drew greater audiences.  Nowadays they are restoring this tradition, as long the audience and musicians are interested.
In total, this year’s marching parade was attended by 17 brass bands from different cities and districts of Transcarpathia.  Nearly 400 musicians marched Uzhgorod streets. They laid flowers at the monument to soldiers and liberators at the Uzhgorod Kalwaria and to the monument to Taras Shevchenko on Narodna Square.

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