In Uzhgorod experts determined what kind of reforms Ukrainian education requires

"In my opinion, the key to reforming education is three things: first – the university autonomy – responsibility for the development of the university has to be put on the institution itself. We have to give university tools and power so it could develop rather than be controlled by higher authorities. And then an institution will be held responsible for the end product – the quality of graduates, the number of scientific research."

The second thing is an integration of science and education. Our universities do not take places in the international rankings, because they are not engaged in scientific activities.   So if there is no research and publications, there is no position in the rankings. "Therefore, the main task of all universities is to organize educational process around research" – said the professor.

And finally, English language. Without the knowledge of it, assures the president of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", there is no development and integration of modern education. 

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