In Uzhgorod, Czech readings will be held. Everyone is invited

May 30, at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Uzhgorod National University, the Research Institute of Central Europe and the Centre for Historical Studies of Bohemistics and Slovakistics will conduct Czech scientific reading in Uzhgorod.

During the event they will hear and and discuss reports of Bohemistics scientists and researchers who research the Czech perspective in the context of the wider Central European Studies, public figures who promote the development of Ukrainian-Czech relations.

It is expected that the reports will be grouped under three panels.

Panel 1. Past: History and Culture of the Czech lands, the First Czechoslovak Republic and the Socialist Czechoslovakia

Panel 2. Present and future: society, law, politics, foreign relations of the Czechoslovak Republic

Panel 3. Parallels: Past, Present and Future of Ukrainian-Czech relations.

 Scientists, culture and public figures may volunteer may May 20 to participate in the readings in the status of the speaker (specifying the theme of the report) or discussant.


Information can be provided to:

         Lendel Miroslava,

                   Director of the Institute of Central Europe

                   Tel.: 050505142,


         Likhtey Igor,

                   Co-coordinator of the Center for Historical Studies of Bohemistics and Slovakistics

                   Tel.: 0953558969


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