In Uzhgorod, children are “britanized” through sports

Last week, the first children’s festival of rugby took place in Uzhgorod, the Galychyna sportyvna reported.

The tournament was attended by local youth and children’s team, teams of Ivano-Frankivsk Sports School 2, teams from Lviv Regional Sports School and the club "Levy" and "Kremin" from Pustomytiv of Lviv region.

The event’s goal was to give match practice to children who have just recently started practicing rugby, and therefore game scores were not recorded and all participants were awarded with commemorative medals and sweet prizes.

Note: rugby is an Olympic sport, sports team game that is played on a rectangular field with an oval ball. Rugby is popular worldwide, but especially in the countries of the Commonwealth. In certain countries or regions, it is the sport number one.  Rugby came to Ukraine from Britain.

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