In Uzhgorod another invasion of wine lovers is expected

Tasting of the "Sun drink" this year in Uzhgorod will be on 9-12 of May. As Uzhgorod City Council reported, the festival traditionally will be held in the old basement of the "Owl Nest" on Rakoczy street, where dozens Transcarpathian winemakers and beekeepers will present their products.

Samples of drinks will be preliminary examined by the tasting commission, and during the festival there will be the awarding ceremony in the nominations "Red Wine", "White wine", "Dessert wine" and "Mead".

The program of the festival includes: tasting of wines from famous Carpathian wineries, cultural and entertainment program.

Recall: the festival of wine and honey "Sun drink" is traditionally held in Uzhgorod during the May holidays.

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