In Uzhgorod, an exhibition of artistic dynasties will be held

On Thursday, February 14, at 16.00, in the gallery "Uzhgorod" an exhibition, that will introduce works of Transcarpathian artists’s family dynasties, opens, informed

In the Transcarpathian artists union organization there are 22 artistic families, the author of the idea to organize the exhibition Boris Kuzma says. Among them there are known to Uzhgorod audience Vyacheslav and Eduard Prykhodkos, Vasyl and Olga Skakandiys, Ivan and Larysa Brovdis, Vasyl and Petro Svalyavchyks, Yuri and Nataliya Hertzes, Olena Kondratyuk and Igor Paneyko, Boris and Victoria Kuzma, Volodymyr Pavlyshyn and Nataliya Sima-Pavlyshyn, Bohdan Korzh and Ludmila Korzh-Radko and others. Currently, 20 families of artists agreed to participate in the exhibition.One of the youngest participants of the exhibition has only turned 3.5 years. The parents prepared his first watercolor work for the exhibition.


The largest participating family is the dynasty of Didyks. It currently includes six professional artists – Ivan and Nadiya Didyks, Nataliya and Oleksandr Voytovyches, Nataliya and Eduard Myronchuks and two talented beginners – Theodora and Editha.

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