In Uzhgorod, a patrol police car ran into a a parked car (VIDEO)

This morning, local media, citing social media posts, reported that in Uzhgorod there had been a chase after "drug dealers", which caused an accident on Mynaiska street. 
The site of the city of Uzhgorod asked the police to confirm this information, which was denied.
All we were told by the Patrol Police was that the accident happened around 5am. The driver of an SUV "Outlander" collided with a parked vehicle. As a result, the cars got mechanically damaged. Fortunately, no one was hurt.
A report of administrative offense under Art. 124 of the CAO was drawn up against the culprit – for committing an accident. The circumstances of the accident are being established.
Regarding the distribution of information about the chase, the police once again ask the media not to disseminate unverified information.
Photo: Yuri Lomakin 

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