In Uzhgorod, a new tradition has been started

February 7, the "Old cafe" hosted the "Espresso party" devoted to coffee and products from it. This event launched the celebration of the Day of Coffee in Uzhgorod, informs Zaholovok.

Coffee tasting: Irish coffee, Viennese coffee and many other varieties were presented to guests this evening. Besides coffee, they tasted exclusive teas – ginger, with lime, and finally all guests were served freshes: beet, orange, banana and others.

Baristas of the cafe conducted for guests a master class on latte art.

Within the party there was the presentation of cakes from the confectionery "Valentine & Valentina Shtefanyo".

Organizers did not forgot about the little guests of the party – the children. They came up with enterntainment for them too: kids were given the chance to show all their fantasies through various sweet sauces, which they painted on plates with.

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