In Uzhgorod, a new city bus was attacked

The "victim" of an accident caused by a drunk driver was not a passenger car, but a new "Electron" – the pride of the city council.

Today, in Uzhgorod, on Masaryk transport bridge, an apparently drunk driver committed an accident, hit a new bus "Electron" on the route No. 20 and fled from the scene. Fortunately, passengers were not injured in the accident, but the vehicle was damaged. The offender, according to available information, was already caught by patrol policemen after he had committed another accident.

The municipal enterprise "Uzhgorod Municipal Transport" asks drivers to adhere to the rules of the road in order to save not only their own life and health, but also the life and health of other people, the property of the city community.

Uzhgorod City Council thanks the patrol police for promptly finding the culprit in the accidents.

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