In Uzhgorod, a gang stole a car “Skoda Octavia”: how they were detained (PHOTOS)

Police detained a group of people who had stolen a car from a resident of Uzhgorod and intended to sell it. Criminal proceedings were instituted over the crime. 
On November 25, police received a report from an Uzhgorod resident who had found out his Skoda Octavia was missing. The man immediately called the police. An investigative team arrived immediately after the call. At the same time, information about the missing car was sent to operatives of the regional police department. 
While investigators were working at the scene and talking to the victim, officers of the criminal analysis department used a video surveillance system "Safe Transcarpathia" to track the detailed route of the offenders. The escort car, which drove the carjackers to the crime scene,  was also identifeid. 
Within a few hours, detectives established the exact location where the stolen car was hidden. In the village of Kosivska Polyana, Rakhiv district, three men involved in the car theft were detained at their place of residence. They hid the car in the garage. They intended to sell the car later. 
A 24-year-old, a 41-year-old resident of Rakhiv district and a 35-year-old Transcarpathian were detained under Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and placed in a temporary detention center. 
The men are charged with a crime under Part 2 of Article 289 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, ie theft of a vehicle. 
The case is under pre-trial investigation. 
According to the sanction of the article, the perpetrators face imprisonment for up to eight years with confiscation of property, the Communication department of the Transcarpathian regional police reported.


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