In Uzhgorod, a drunk driver ran into a ditch (PHOTOS)

Patrol police received the report about a road accident without victims yesterday, on July 25, about 17.00. At the scene on Domaninska Street, inspectors found a car Hyundai in a roadside ditch. It turned out that the driver of the SUV, had driven into the ditch while making a U-turn. 
While talking to the driver, patrol police officers noticed signs of intoxication. The man agreed to undergo a test with special device. The result was 2.53 ppm, which is almost 13 times higher than the allowable level. 
Patrol policemen drew up a number of administrative reports against the driver, namely, reports under Part 2 of Art. 130 (Driving a vehicle while intoxicated), Art. 124 (Violation of traffic regulations, which led to an accident) and Part 4 of Art. 126 (Driving a vehicle without driving license) of the CAO. It turned out that it was not the first time that the man had been driving while being drunk and had been deprived of the right to drive. 
There were no casualties in this situation, but one can only guess what trouble a driver with such amount of alcohol in his blood could have caused. In total, over the past day, Transcarpathian patrol police officers stopped five drunk drivers, the patrol police of Transcarpathian region reported. 


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