In Uzhgorod a diplomatic party was held

December 22 is the professional day of Ukrainian diplomats. On this occasion, on December 21 in Uzhgorod there was a diplomatic party, which was attended by members of the Consulate General of Hungary and Slovakia who work in Uzhgorod, officials, scholars of Uzhgorod National University, the National Institute for Strategic Studies, NGO representatives and journalists who are related to the work of the diplomatic corps and integration of Ukraine, and Transcarpathia in particular, in the world community. 

The gathering was organized by the head of the Transcarpathian branch of Diplomat Union of Ukraine – which on this day celebrates its first anniversary – Alen Panov. According to him, a professional holiday is a good occasion not only to accept congratulations, but also to evaluate the successes and failures, to reflect on the place of Ukraine on the world map. In the best traditions of international practice, multiplied by their own creativity, participants of the meeting in a relaxed atmosphere discussed the positioning of Ukraine in the international arena, improvement of the positive image of our country, its European perspective and the present state of diplomatic officials. 

Alen Panov also noted that currently Ukrainian diplomats have several goals that they seek to achieve: 1) Freedom of movement and visa-free travel for our citizens, 2) Promotion of Ukrainian goods to foreign markets, and 3) Attraction of investments to the economy of our country. 

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