In Uzhgorod 16-storey building, the elevators will soon be disabled

Today, February 7, at Uzhhorod city council there was a meeting with the heads of housing offices concerning the condition of elevators in high-rises of the city.

The head of the ME "Uzhgorodlift" Serhiy Soroka, particularly, said that during 2012 the company managed to overhaul all 67 elevators disabled by the State Committee of Ukraine for Industrial Safety, Labor Protection and Mining Control in June 2011 due to expiry of their 25 years lifetime. 716,000 UAH have been allocated from the city budget for this purpose.

Today the head of the company reported that currently there are no problems with elevators in Uzhgorod, almost all of them work, but this year the service life of another 170 elevators expires, and soon, all elevators in Uzhgorod 16-storey building may stop.

In order to improve the situation, the city council decided to involve Uzhgorod citizen in the shared financing of the modernization of elevators. Thus, in accordance with the program for years 2013-2014, they want to allocate from the city budget 1,100,000 UAH to upgrade the elevators, and to repair 32 elevators this year. However, to ensure that these elevators have been upgraded, residents of high-rises will be proposed to form condominiums and open a special account, which the house residents could transfer 10% of repairs cost to. 

The City Council explained: owners of privatized apartments are considered co-owners of the house, so they have to participate in the renewal of their houses. By estimates, residents of the whole block of flats (the residents of the first floor are not counted) will have to pay 2,000 UAH for the modernization of elevators.

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