In Ukraine there is no cheaper 95th petrol than 11 USD

Throughout the pre-Easter week prices for patrol in Ukraine have risen in average by 0.9%.
In terms of fuel types, the situation is as follows: petrol A-80 – increased by 1.4% – from 10.13 hryvnia / liter to 10.27 hryvnia / liter, petrol A-92 – increased by 1.5% – from 10.62 hryvnia / liter to 10.78 hryvnia / liter, petrol A-95 – increased by 1.5% – from 11.00 hryvnia / liter to 11.16 hryvnia / liter, for diesel fuel – increased by 0.7% – from 10.15 hryvnia / liter to 10.22 hryvnia / liter.

As you know, petrol prices began to rise in late February. This trend experts associate with the aggravation of the situation in Iran and, caused in this context, global boom. Thus, in 2012 the cost of Brent crude oil on the European market has grown by nearly 20%, and the wholesale price of petrol and diesel fuel in Ukraine rose more than by 12% and 7% respectively.

The situation was exacerbated by the introduction of new excise taxes on petrol and diesel fuel, indexed by 8.9%. In consequence of these innovations gasoline excise tax increased from 182 euros / tonne to 198 euros / tonne, that was 18 kopiykas per liter.

The experts believe that the only effective and expeditious way to stabilize the price of gasoline in the Ukrainian market is to reduce the excise duty on fuel. And it will not cause any considerable harm to the state budget to apply it, reports TSN.

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