In Tyachiv district there was a shooting after a road accident

January 15, a 22-year-old resident of the village of Hlyboky Potik reported to Tyachiv police officers that unknown persons in an unidentified car gratuitously ran into his car "Mazda 6".  When he tried to flee the scene by his car, they made a few gunshots at his car, threatened to murder him, demonstrating metal pipes and wooden bats.
The man stopped at the exit of the village of Topchino and fled from the car. Unidentified persons damaged the car body with pipes and bats, leaving numerous dents, smashed the windshield and the rear window, and the windows on the doors of the car.
The police established that three fellow villagers of the victim were involved in the incident. They are conducting search measures to detain the said persons.

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