In two districts of Transcarpathia, severe restrictions on the movement of people will be introduced for Easter

Those are Svalyava and Beregovo districts.

Strict restrictions are imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Svalyava district. In particular, the emergency response commission decided to restrict the movement of citizens in Svalyava district on weekends and holidays

"From 13:00 this Saturday, April 18, to 06:00 next Tuesday, April 21, the movement of citizens in the territory of Svalyava district will be restricted," – the head of the Svalyava District State Administration Roman Tarabiy said.

In Beregovo district, the local emergency response commission also adopted the decision on measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

Therefore, given the situation in the city and the district, the commission recommends that additional restrictive anti-epidemic measures be taken the during quarantine by means of the implementation of additional preventive medical measures during weekends and holidays.

Similarly to the previous week, the following restrictions will apply during the weekend, namely from Saturday April 18 (from 13.00) until Sunday April 19 (until 20.00):

– the movement and stay of citizens in public places will be restricted;

– being in public unless necessary should be avoided;

– going outside should be avoided;

– driving should be avoided;

– moving between settlements should be avoided;

– going to pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. unless necessary should be avoided


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