In Transcarpathian, people die on the roads almost every day

Reports on the situation on Transcarpathian roads for several years now have been resembling military chronicle. Accidents with fatalities happen almost every day. See for yourself: during 2013, 553 road accidents occurred in the region: 115 people died, 659 were injured, the site of the regional traffic police unit reported.

The first weeks of the new year were no exception. The most recent is the accident, which took the first place in the ranking of broadcast messages.

A group of traffic inspectors, trying to stop a car "Mercedes Vito", which was moving at high speed on the wrong lane of the "Kyiv-Chop" highway near Mukachevo creating a danger to other road users, got in an accident.
In pursuit of the offender, the police car was overtaking two cars, but one of them ignored the policemen and started to turn left. The collision was unavoidable, despite the emergency break. The police car hit another car which then ran into a ditch.

Fortunately, the speed of all vehicles during the accident was minimal, so no one was hurt in this accident.

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