In Transcarpathian Brustury, “forest guards” attacked journalists (VIDEO)

Finally, the video, that Transcarpathian journalistic community has been waiting for, has been released. It was filmed by Yuriy Chudlay, who, together with journalist Iryna Breza, was preparing a story for one of the national information resources in the Brustury (Lopukhovo) forestry, which is located in Tyachiv district.

Instead of just doing their job, namely investigating the planned construction of a giant resort in Transcarpathia, which raised concerns of environmentalists, journalists almost became victims of foresters and locals, who attacked them with threats.

Colleagues advise journalists to complain to the police and the prosecutor’s office.

And here’s the video with Yuriy Chudlay’s comment: "Iryna Breza and I came to record comments of the people who appealed to court regarding the planned construction of the Svydovets resort.


I suggested to film on the village streets, or better in the mountains.

So, we went up the village. After recording the first comment, representatives of the forestry approached us.

They started shouting, threatening, tried to grab the camera. As it turned out, the foresters were so aggressive because they thought that we were filming tree felling."

We will be following the developments…

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