In Transcarpathia, truck traffic is also restricted on international and national roads

The decision has just been adopted at the the regional state administration by the operational headquarters of the regional commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies of Transcarpathian region. Due to weather conditions (heavy snow, blizzards, snowstorms), the movement of freight transport is limited not only on the four passes on the administrative boder of the region, but also on the roads of international and national importance "Kyiv – Chop", "Mukachevo – Rohatyn", "Uzhgorod – Sambir", and "Khust – Dolyna". Restrictions will be in force until the weather improves.

According to the forecasters, on January 4 during the day, and on January 5 at night, heavy, sometimes very heavy snow is expected in Transcarpathia. On the roads, there will be ice and snow drifts. In most of the region, there will be strong wind of 15-20, in the mountains sometimes up to 25-30 m / s, snowstorms.

Recall that in Uzhgorod, utilities are removing snow in emergency mode.

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